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    Книги - Energy-Related Sources and Consequences of the Global Crisis of the 2010s
Energy-Related Sources and Consequences of the Global Crisis of the 2010s

Energy-Related Sources and Consequences of the Global Crisis of the 2010s.
V. Bushuev, A. Gromov, N. Kurichev, M. Nikolaev, D. Soloviev, V. Timatkov,
A. Tchernikov / Edited by V. Bushuev and A. Gromov
– Moscow: ENERGY Publishing House, 2012. – 88 pg.

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      This publication is essentially a comprehensive analysis of crisis processes and phenomena of the 2010s. The authors of the study, relying upon representation about the energy character of interrelations between the society, the nature and the man – on the basis of an integrated energy-ecology-economic approach - demonstrate energy sources and mechanisms of the current crisis in the global system “nature – society – man”. The analysis of the global crisis symptoms, its mechanisms and the underlying causes as accumulated energy disbalances within the framework of the “nature – society – man” system goes beyond the current state of things. Proceeding from the comprehension of cyclicity and fractality of the energy charging (evolutionary and progressive advance) and discharging (revolutions, development bifurcations, quantum leaps, changes of trends and development paradigms) processes of the global socio-natural capacitor (“nature – society – man” global system), the authors, through the analysis of the past, are trying not only to understand the present but also to provide insight into possible structural paths of the post-crisis development in the future. Special attention in the publication is given both to the energy nature of the crisis, and to the energy sector of economy. With each global crisis changes the paradigm of energy development within the “nature – society – man” system. In other words, a new energy civilization is formed.


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